Polar Project at School

In the Antarctic or Antarctic distance extension course? How to insert the polar sciences in the primary education curriculum, aimed at teachers, course participants develop a Polar Project for classroom development. In this way, we are able to reach thousands of children, teenagers, young people, and adults in Brazil and Portugal every year. Discover the polar projects created by the 6th class in the year 2019.

Polar Project at School, created by Eliel Junior Lima da Souza, won the polling conducted through social networks for the best project.

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This outreach project inserts ICT in the classroom. Participants learn audiovisual production techniques and make videos about the scientific research process conducted in Antarctica.

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Antarctic or Antarctica? How to introduce polar sciences in the Primary Education curriculum.

Antarctica or Antarctica? is a distance learning course, aimed at teachers of primary education in Brazil and Portugal, it addresses the History of the Continent, Animal and Plant Life, Ice and Climate and consists of class scripts, texts, video lessons, games, didactic sequences, images, development of polar projects at school.


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PolarCasters in Schools

In partnership with InterAntar and public schools, the PolarCaster project methodology is applied at schools, by teachers with the assistance of UFABC researchers.

Information: convergenciaxxi@gmail.com 

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