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Who we are

Image: @joão paulo barbosa


Become a hub between scientists, educators, popularizers, and enthusiasts of polar sciences, committed to building a polar mentality through collaborative, interdisciplinary, ethical, and transformative processes.


Building awareness in Brazilian society about the polar regions' role in the planet's climate and the maintenance of biodiversity through disseminating polar sciences.

Training educators, mediators, and multipliers of the polar mindset to promote climate change understanding and the scientific processes that can mitigate its impacts.

Set collaboration between researchers, educators, research, teaching and extension groups, NGOs, formal and non-formal education institutions, private or not, national and international, to collaborate and support projects that contribute to forming the polar mentality.


  • Equity

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Accessibility

  • Collaboration

  • ethic

  • Socio-environmental responsibility

  • Innovation

The Crew



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