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01. Projecoes.png

Polar Regions' Location: Cartographic Projections

Digital or printed activities to locate the polar regions using different types of map projections.

04. ponta do iceberg.png

The Tip of the Iceberg

Using the digital tool "Iceberger" to draw icebergs and observe their behavior in water due to their physical properties.

07. dinamica.png

Activity: Antarctic Food Web

Activity that allows the exploration of ecological concepts, such as trophic levels in the food chain, their interrelations, and the effects of human activity and seasonality.

10. causa e efeito.png

Climate Change: Cause and Effect

Sequence of images that help understand the causes and consequences of phenomena such as the greenhouse effect and global warming.

13. que estacao.jpg

What season is it there when it's summer here?

Illustrates, in a global context, the climate differences between the polar regions and other areas on planet Earth during specific times and months.

02. Bandeirinhas.png

Polar Regions' Location: Making Flag Markers

Creating a paper globe to locate the polar regions, Brazil, and other countries or locations using flags.

05. como esta o tempo.png

How is the weather today?

Recording and interpretation of climate phenomena, accompanied by creating a 3D graph using building blocks.

08. gincana.png

Quiz: Penguin Reproduction

Playful activity that addresses important aspects of the reproduction of two different species of penguins from Antarctica: the Adélie penguin and the Emperor penguin.

11. Fato ou fake.png

Climate Change: Fact or Fake?

Activity using memes and statements to bring up the discussion about fake news related to Climate Change.

14. Terrário.png

Closed Terrarium

Practical activity of creating a miniature ecosystem, which allows working with terrestrial systems and biogeochemical cycles, such as the water and carbon cycles.

03. representação 3d.png

Polar Regions' Location: 3D Digital Representation

Interactive exploration of the Earth using Google Earth® to locate the polar regions and calculate distances.

06. contacao.JPG

Storytelling: Food Web and Penguin Reproduction

Storytelling based on the book "As Aventuras do Grande Papu," using a panel and interactive characters to create a polar setting.

09. guia.png

Guide of Polar Species

Activity presented by comic book characters and using Google Earth®, associating the characteristics of the environments with the species adapted to Antarctica and the Arctic.

12. o que fazer.png

Climate Change: What You Can Do

Creation of informative material about actions that humans could take to help reduce the worsening of environmental impacts.

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