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Environmental Challenge

Compare size, longevity, trophic level and extinction risk and learn about the ecology of polar animals.

sera que vai chover.JPG

Will it rain?

Understand the role of air masses that influence climate, cause rainfall and ensure water supply.

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Polar Quartet:

Combine the four cards that show the distribution, food and information of various animals from the Arctic.


Southern Dominoes:
Adapt or extinguish?

Combine the images and texts about polar animals and think about what could happen to them if the Earth's temperature increases.

de abelha a wolverine.JPG

From Bee to Wolverine

Word chain game to arouse interest in various related topics
to the arctic

qual é a palavra.JPG

What is the word?

Look at four images, find out which word they have in common, and thus learn a little more about the polar regions.

bingo fenomenos climaticos_edited.jpg

Bingo Clima Phenomena

With this bingo game, you will get to know many climatic phenomena and environmental aspects related to Climate Change and Polar Regions.

do albatroz ao zooplancton_edited.jpg

From Albatross to Zooplankton

By chaining the words together, students become familiar with several aspects that involve

quarteto polar - antartica.jpg

Polar Quartet:

Find the four cards referring to each Antarctic animal and discover
more about them

jornada polar.JPG

Polar journey

In this board game, your everyday choices, such as means of transport, type of fuel and garbage disposal, can prevent or contribute to the melting of polar ice.

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