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It is a 60 hour/class online extension course. There are two synchronous classes, the inaugural and the final one, and all the others are asynchronous, mediated by Moodle.


The course, aimed at teachers of primary education in Brazil and Portugal, consists of lesson scripts, texts, video lessons, games, didactic sequences, images, development of a polar project for application in the classroom, covering the following contents: History of the Continent, Animal and Plant Life, Ice and Climate.


Course participants must spend an average of five hours per week to study the course contents, carry out research and carry out the learning activities.


The assessment is procedural through interaction in groups and discussion forums, elaboration of teaching sequences, projects and activities.


The course is based on project pedagogy, in the distance modality, with theoretical and practical activities of research, construction and knowledge sharing  and elaboration of a Polar Project to be applied in the classroom (or for an audience selected by the student)

Target Audience

Teachers of Primary Education in Brazil and Portugal.

Number of vacancies



60 hours/class (12 weeks)

  • Basic computer skills and internet browsing;

  • Have broadband internet access;

  • Have a Facebook profile;

  • Allocate 5 hours per week for dedication to the course;

  • Acting as a teacher or teacher of Basic Education to carry out course activities or Undergraduate Student (who is acting as an intern or who can somehow apply the Polar Project) or Mediator in non-school institutions (museums, parks, NGOs, etc.)

  • Be properly registered on the UFABC Public Portal


Synchronous classes (mandatory attendance):

  • The class is broadcast over the internet and online presence is mandatory. The address will be provided after confirmation of enrollment.

  • Note. Those absent will have their registration canceled and their places will be given to those interested who are on the waiting list (duly registered) and who attend the inaugural class

  • Online face-to-face assessment. On the day and period of the meeting, students must accompany the class on the Internet at an address to be provided in due course.


New dates coming soon!


Fill out the pre-registration form.



Register on the UFABC Public Portal


You will receive a message with information if your application was accepted.


If your application is accepted, we will proceed with your registration and send you information to access classes. 

Waiting list

1. Applicants who do not get places will be placed on the waiting list, and will have to attend the opening class.

2. Those absent from the opening class will have their places assigned to those interested in the waiting list.

3. The waiting list is covered according to the same criteria described above.


Students who have proven application of the Polar Project, who obtain a final grade between A, B, C, who have appeared online in the opening and closing classes, will be approved in the course with the right to a certificate. Full details of the learning and assessment process will be provided during the inaugural mandatory attendance class.

Contact email for questions:

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