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The "Clima Phenomena Bingo" is an educational game that addresses a series of phenomena associated with Climate Change and characteristics of the Polar Regions (Antarctica and Arctic). The rules are similar to traditional bingo games, but instead of numbers, cards containing definitions are drawn. These definitions must be recognized by the players and associated with the words on their game cards.


Andre Olivotto Agostinis, Bruna Perissute da Silva, Fernanda Sant'Anna do Espírito Santo, Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Sandra Freiberger Affonso.

Graphic Project: 

Yanderson Rodrigues.

Collection Mudanças Climáticas

© 2021  Coordination Flavia Sant’Anna Rios and Sandra Freiberger Affonso  

Project Ciência Interativa - Grupo de Pesquisa em Recursos Educacionais - UFPR

Edition InterAntar – Universidade Federal do ABC

Support MCTI  and GEF/PNUD


2-40 players.


  • 35 cards

  • 40 game cards with 16 words each

  • Chips or markers to cover the words on the game cards (at least 16 for each card used) (not included with the game)

Game Goal

Complete first the established pattern in each round (row, column, diagonal, corners, or the entire card), that is, achieve a "Bingo."

Skills worked








Skills code (BNCC)

Didatic Goal

Expand knowledge about the main phenomena and other aspects associated with Climate Change and the Cryosphere.

Support materials

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