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Antarctica, Arctic and Climate Change

The Collection 101 Questions about Polar Regions brings a wide range of information to the public, with the aim of situating the reader about issues of the Arctic and Antarctic that influence life on planet Earth, especially in South America and Brazil. Each title in this collection addresses a theme and, through questions, invites you to take a position on the phenomena observed in these regions.

In this title, Antarctica, Arctic and Climate Change, you will be introduced to the natural and anthropogenic aspects that influence the global climate. Are climate changes irreversible? Can we do something to improve the conditions of the planet? This book aims to stimulate your curiosity about essential topics to understand the influences of polar regions on the climate and to increase your awareness and willingness to contribute to slowing down the impacts of global changes.

Authors: Sílvia Dotta (Coord.), Fabiana Costa, Francyne Elias-Piera, Manu Bassoi, Vanessa Carmo, Thiene Pelosi.

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