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Polar Regions' Location: Making Flag Markers

The activity involves creating a paper globe, which can be assembled around a Styrofoam ball or not, along with flags that will be used to locate the polar regions, Brazil, and potentially other countries and locations. Thus, each student will have their own globe, which can be used in various activities such as studying geographical coordinates, cardinal points, locating continents, hemispheres, rotation and revolution movements, or the seasons of the year, making the lessons more dynamic.


Alessandra da Conceição Zanin, Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Luana Zischler, Sandra Freiberger Affonso, Stephanie Yasmin Bianco.




Locate the Earth's polar regions and their geographic position in relation to Brazil in a handcrafted globe.

Skills worked






  • Photocopy of the enlarged planisphere mold (according to the size of the Styrofoam ball*)

  • Photocopy of the Brazilian flag (1 pair)

  • Photocopy of flags with the word Arctic (1 pair) 

  • Photocopy of flags with the word Antarctica (1 pair)

  • Photocopy of flags with penguin design (2 pairs)

  • Photocopy of flags with polar bear design (2 pairs)

  • Styrofoam ball 

  • Colored pens, pencils or crayons of various colors 

  • Double-sided tape, white or Styrofoam glue

  • Scissors

  • toothpicks

Support materials

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