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This is a word chain game about the Arctic, which can be applied in the context of various disciplines, such as Science, History, Geography, Portuguese or even in an interdisciplinary way. Each of the 70 sheets contains just one word, including the names of living beings, phenomena, geographic formations and historical characters, among others.

The main objective is to allow students to become familiar with a series of terms and expressions related to the polar regions in a fun way, thus arousing interest in the topic. In order to stimulate curiosity, most of the terms present in the cards are deliberately unknown to most students.

The game is accompanied by a glossary with the definition of terms to help the teacher. Thus, after the playful activity, the teacher or lecturer can ask the students to say which words they do not know and mention some that aroused their curiosity. Then the terms can be explained or students can be asked to perform a search.

It is not necessary to work with all the unknown words, but you can choose some that aroused greater interest in the class. The cards can also be used to practice alphabetical order or in an activity in which students must group them, forming sets, such as mammals, birds, countries, plants, animals, etc.

The game “From Bee to Wolverine” can be used together with the game “From Albatross to Zooplancton”, whose theme is related to Antarctica. The chips can be mixed up or each player or team can use the chips from one of the games and, in the later discussion, comparisons can be made between elements from the two polar regions.


Breno Soares Cardoso, Fernanda S, do Espírito Santo, Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Luana Zischler, Robson Mariano Euzébio de Oliveira, Sandra Freiberger Affonso.

Disclaimer: available only in Portuguese.


2-4 players or teams

Skills worked



Skill Codes based on BNCC


Form the sequence with the greatest number of linked words.


70 cards with words about the Arctic

Support materials

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