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Human activities can affect the planet's environmental balance, being particularly noticeable in the Earth's polar regions, Antarctica and the Arctic. The fauna of these regions is rich in biomass and is composed of many endemic animals, that is, animals that exist only in these regions. Some representatives of this particular fauna are seriously threatened with extinction. Would Climate Change be responsible for accelerating this process? In a playful way, this game addresses this environmental theme, the geographic distribution of polar animals, as well as some ecological interactions, highlighting their trophic level. In this way it is possible to favor the interpretation of the role of each organism in the food chain, as well as the environmental consequences of the eventual extinction of each one of them. 


Emanuelle Karoline Leal da Cruz, Stephanie Yasmin Bianco, Lucas Paulo Biscaia Fernandes, Sandra Freiberger Affonso, Flavia Sant’Anna Rios

Disclaimer: avaliable only in Portuguese.


2 to 8 players

Skills worked




Skill  codes based on BNCC


conquer all cards from the deck.


32 cards

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