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To play "Climate Change Dominoes: Adapt or Extinct?", players must relate animals from the Antarctic or the Arctic to adaptive and evolutionary aspects that allow these polar animals to survive in environments hostile to most species. The rules are similar to a traditional domino game; however, players are encouraged to delve deeper into the reflection on the consequences of climate change on the adaptation capacity of these organisms. Do they adapt or become extinct if global temperatures rise?


Erli Schneider Costa, Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Robson Mariano Euzebio de Oliveira, Sandra Freiberger Affonso, Sonia Regina Grötzner.

Graphic Project:

Yanderson Rodrigues

Collection Mudanças Climáticas

© 2021  Coordination Flavia Sant’Anna Rios and Sandra Freiberger Affonso  

Project Ciência Interativa - Grupo de Pesquisa em Recursos Educacionais - UFPR

Edition InterAntar – Universidade Federal do ABC

Support MCTI  and GEF/PNUD


2-4 (with one game) or up to 8 (with both games)


  • Game A: 28 Antarctica Animal Cards

  • Game B: 28 Arctic Animal Cards 

  • Complementary Activity Letters

Game Goal

 Run out of cards in hand.

Skills worked





Skill Codes (BNCC)

Didatic Goal

Know some adaptive aspects of polar animals and reflect on the risk of extinction due to Climate Change.

Support materials

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