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In this activity, students will observe a guide featuring various species of animals that inhabit the Antarctic and the Arctic. The guide is presented by the characters Boris and Austra, who are the protagonists of the comic series "Boris and Austra in...". It is suggested that students familiarize themselves with the characters and the polar regions' theme in advance by reading the comic strips.

The support material (guide) contains technical information and curiosities about 9 species from the Antarctic, 9 from the Arctic, and 3 species that occur in both polar regions. These species are playfully presented as friends of the characters. It's recommended to categorize the animals based on their habitat and habits, proposing an investigative activity with the assistance of the Google Earth application.

In the investigative version of the guide, each species is accompanied by a question that prompts students to develop hypotheses about the answer. Then, students will conduct research to confirm whether their hypotheses are correct and present their findings to the class. The teacher will have access to the complete version (answer key) that contains all the answers and can later reveal the resolution of that "mystery" to the students.


Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Lucas Paulo Biscaia Fernandes, Sandra Freiberger Affonso, Vinícius Mocelin.


Up to 21 students or pairs


Meet some representatives of the polar fauna and understand adaptations that allow the survival of animals in polar regions from an investigative activity, taking into account the environmental and geographic characteristics of these regions.

Skills worked






  • Guide to Polar Species - printed and laminated investigative version (for students).

  • Guide to polar species - full version/template (for the teacher)

  • World map or blackboard and chalk.

  • Computer with access to Google Earth application (optionally, you can use a terrestrial globe).

  • Multimedia projector.

  • Bibliographic material or internet access for research

Support materials

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