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Online extension course

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This is a free and entirely online course aimed at training teachers on the subject of Climate Change with an emphasis on the Earth's Polar Regions.

The course was organized in a light and very practical way, divided into 8 weekly modules, each module being presented through short videos and comics.

The greatest emphasis is on the demonstration of active methodologies, including didactic resources such as games, experiments, activities, citizen science practices and dynamics, which the course teachers will be invited to apply in their classrooms, presenting an experience report at the end of the course . Each module will have a face-to-face meeting lasting 1 hour with the aim of clearing up doubts and promoting interaction among participants.

Target Audience

Primary Education Teachers and Undergraduate and Pedagogy Students

course period

coming soon

Number of vacancies


Synchronous encounters



40h (8 modules)


Certification by PROEC-UFPR (Extension Course) (minimum 75% attendance)

Virtual learning environment


Prof. Flavia Sant'Anna Rios


Course Presentation

Module 1:  Networked Planet: Earth as a System

Module 2:  Cryosphere: all the ice on the planet

Module 3:  Where are the polar regions and what is their importance

Module 4:  The sky seen from the poles, the weather and the climate

Module 5:  Biodiversity in the Earth's coldest regions

Module 6:  Polar bear eats a penguin?

Module 7:  Climate changes

Module 8:  Influence of human beings in the global system

Course Closing: Experience Reports

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