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Registration: not open at the moment due to measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic (wait for the release of new dates)

UFPR's Educational Resources Research Group periodically offers initial and continuing training workshops for basic education teachers and undergraduate and pedagogy students. The main objective of the workshops is to present teachers and future teachers with active and investigative ways of teaching Science, carrying out in practice a series of  active methodologies, including resources such as didactic games, experiments, activities, citizen science practices and dynamics, which the course teachers are invited to apply in their classrooms. The workshops will be offered at monthly intervals.

Each workshop lasts 4 hours and is independent, that is, it is not necessary to take them all to obtain certification, although it is interesting to plan to do them in sequence. After the last workshop, a Workshop will be scheduled where participants will be able to present their experience reports.

Target Audience

Basic Education Teachers and Undergraduate Students


To confirm

Number of vacancies

20 / class


Certification by PROEC-UFPR (Extension Course) (minimum 75% attendance)


4h (each workshop)


Prof. Flavia Sant'Anna Rios


Workshop 1:  Networked Planet: Earth as a System

Workshop 2:  Cryosphere: all the ice on the planet

Workshop 3:  Where are the polar regions and what is their importance

Workshop 4:  The sky seen from the poles, the weather and the climate

Workshop 5:  Biodiversity in the Earth's coldest regions

Workshop 6:  Does Polar Bear eat penguin?

Workshop 7:  Climate changes

Workshop 8:  Influence of human beings in the global system

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