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Online course

Insertion of ICTs in the classroom and mediation of learning through the production of videos

POLARCASTERS  it's an online extension course of 60 hours/class.

There are two synchronous encounters, the inaugural and the final, and all other activities are asynchronous, mediated by Moodle. The course, aimed at primary education teachers from Brazil and Portugal, comprises 8 modules, spread over 12 weeks.

Course participants must devote an average of five hours per week to participate in groups of practical workshops, carry out guided studies and produce a scientific video about Antarctica.

The assessment is procedural through interaction in groups, participation in workshops and engagement in the process of production of the video and elaboration of a practical project for application in their classrooms.

Target audience: Primary Education teachers from Brazil and Portugal

Mandatory prerequisites
  • Basic computer skills and internet browsing;

  • Have broadband internet access;

  • Have a Facebook profile;

  • Allocate 5 hours per week for dedication to the course;

  • Acting as a public Basic Education teacher or teacher to carry out course activities;

  • Be willing to carry out group activities throughout the project.

Desirable prerequisites
  • Have been approved in one of the classes of the "Antártica ou Antártida" extension course
    (The candidate must send a certificate of approval in the course upon registration.)

Number of vacancies


Time course

60 class hours (12 weeks);


New dates coming soon!

Selection Criteria
  • Meet all the prerequisites listed above (If detected, at any time, non-compliance with one of the requirements, the candidate will be automatically excluded from the process and the course);

  • The first 40 entries will be selected

  • Up to 10% of vacancies - or unfilled vacancies, and at the discretion of the coordination,  may be aimed at candidates who do not meet the established criteria. Send an email to declaring your interest and justifying why you want to participate in the course.

Attendance: Mandatory

Synchronous project opening meeting 

New dates coming soon!

 from 9 am to 12 pm 

It will be broadcast over the internet and online presence is mandatory.

Those absent at the opening meeting will have their registration canceled.

Asynchronous classes

New dates coming soon!

Classes will be mediated by Moodle.

Closing meeting

New dates coming soon!

 from 9 am to 12 pm 

Project presentation and evaluation



Fill out the application form online.

Access the UFABC Portal, register and locate the course on the UFABC extension actions list to enroll. 


Confirmation of registration will be sent after August 18, along with the address of the face-to-face meeting.


Attend the face-to-face meeting online at addresses sent by email after registration.

Failure to comply with this obligation will automatically cancel participation in the project.


Only those who fulfill 80% of the project activities and achieve a performance equal to or greater than 70% will receive a certificate.

Contact email for questions:

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