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This game is inspired by digital games for smartphones and features four images on each card that are not always very clearly related to each other. The player's mission is to decipher what these words are within a limited amount of time. The theme of the images and the respective words is related to the Polar Regions of the Earth. It is suggested that, after the playful activity, the material be resumed, being able to project the image of the cards for everyone to see at the same time and a debate or even a research activity be carried out, deepening the theme. The teacher or class can choose one or more topics to explore in more detail according to interest or curriculum content worked on Science, Portuguese, Geography or other disciplines.


Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Samantha Costa Gusmão, Sandra Freiberger Affonso

Disclaimer: only available in Portuguese.


2-16 players or teams


  • 16 cards with riddles

  • 1 template letter

  • Stopwatch, timer, hourglass or clock

  • Paper and pen (optional)*Note: It is suggested that the answers be written down on separate paper and not on the letters themselves, so that the letters are used several times.


Find out which word is related to the four pictures in each card.

Skills worked


Skill Codes (BNCC)

Support materials

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