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The "Polar Quartet - Antarctica" is a card game that features 8 animals, their respective eating habits, their global distributions, and interesting facts about the species. It's an excellent introduction or review of the Antarctic food chain topic, as it relates and exemplifies what each animal consumes.

The game can be used in conjunction with the "Activity: Antarctic Food Web," in which some of the cards from the Polar Quartet can be used to identify the characters in the activity. Additionally, it displays and makes it easier to visualize where the animal is distributed, contributing to a more concrete understanding of biogeography in teaching.

This game can also be used alongside the "Polar Quartet - Arctic" game, which is quite similar. Cards can be mixed or organized so that some students use one of the games while others use the other, promoting an exchange of information at the end. This way, the composition of the fauna and the distribution of animals in Antarctica and the Arctic are highlighted in a comparative manner.


Alessandra da Conceição Zanin, Andre Olivotto Agostinis, Fernanda Sant'Anna do Espírito Santo, Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Lucas Paulo Biscaia Fernandes, Sandra Freiberger Affonso, Suelen Zantta Kiem. 

Disclaimer: available only in Portuguese.


2-4 players


Gather the four cards with information about the same animal, forming a quartet. Create the highest number of quartets.

Skills worked



Skill codes (BNCC)


32 cards (8 quartets)

Note: Each quartet is composed of 4 cards, containing the same information about a specific animal from Antarctica. However, each card in a quartet highlights (in a larger size) one of the following aspects: the animal's image with its common and scientific name, the image and scientific name of its primary food source, a map of its geographical distribution, and a text with interesting facts about the animal. With 8 quartets, there is a total of information about 8 animals. If you choose to combine the cards from this game with those from the "Polar Quartet - Arctic," you will have double the number of cards, allowing for an increased number of players.

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