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Polar Regions' Location: 3D Digital Representation

The activity involves displaying the Earth globe through a 3D digital representation using the Google Earth® application. In addition to presenting the globe interactively, the software can be used to locate the two poles and also calculate the distance between them and the school or any desired location. This practice assists in identifying and interpreting the representation of the planet Earth in a three-dimensional format and in perceiving the distance and spatial location of the places of interest. To carry out the activity, a computer or smartphones can be used, with internet access being required.


Ana Gabriela Vantini Braga, Anderson Fraga da Cruz, Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Sandra Freiberger Affonso, Stephanie Yasmin Bianco.



Skills worked




Skill Codes (BNCC)


identify the  three-dimensional shape of planet Earth, perceiving the spatial location of polar regions in relation to places of interest, calculating their distances.


Computer(s) or smartphone(s) with internet access

Support materials

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