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The game consists of two boards representing South America (in summer and winter) and the displacement of the main air masses from Antarctica (polar air mass), the Atlantic Ocean and the Amazon. The pedestrians, represented by drops of water, move along the path of these large portions of air from their origin to Brazil. Along the way, players must answer questions related to the cycle and physical states of water, and the dynamics of the game playfully demonstrate how air masses move and their meteorological effects in Brazil, as well as their role in resource supply. hydric.

The points obtained in the game are converted into water that fills containers representing clouds. When the clouds are at their maximum volume, collaboratively between the players, the water is deposited in a container representing the city's water reservoir and this is equivalent to rain. Upon reaching a certain minimum volume (above the dead volume), the water from the reservoir flows through a pipe to another container that corresponds to the water tank of a house. This allows the visualization of the relationship between the water cycle and the supply process, bringing to light concepts related to climate and the impact of Climate Change on the water crisis, allowing reflection on the responsibility of each one of us in this environmental dynamic.

Alternatively, the game cards can be used for a quiz game (without using the boards and water). It is suggested to associate the application of this game with analysis of meteorological information and local weather forecasts, as well as the Bingo Game Climatic Phenomena.


Andre Olivotto Agostinis, Ariele Sbartella, Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Lúcia Sanguino Canteri, Sandra Freiberger Affonso, Vinicius da Luz Redigolo.

Disclaimer: available only in Portuguese.


2-9 players or teams

Individual Goal

Make the air mass reach the city chosen in the board (São Paulo or Curitiba).

Group Goal

Supply the city reservoir, making the water reach the house.

Skills worked





Skill codes based on BNCC








  • 2 boards (summer and winter)

  • 26 "Question/Answer" cards

  • 5 "Rain" cards

  • 5 "Drought" cards

  • 50 score chips

  • Pawns shaped like a drop of water in different colors, molded with biscuit dough (one for each player/team)

  • "Cloud" containers (one for each player/team)

  • 1 "reservoir" container with 1 liter capacity

  • 1 "water tank" container with a capacity of 1 liter (preferably with a tap)

  • Hose to connect the "reservoir" and "water tank" containers

  • 100mL water meter (measuring cup or Becker cup)

  • Pitcher or bottle of water

Support materials

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