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Through this playful activity, students can learn important aspects of the reproduction of two different penguin species in the Antarctic: the Adélie penguin, which reproduces in the summer, and the Emperor penguin, which reproduces in the winter. These species exhibit different conditions and strategies, highlighting their adaptation to the environment and allowing for observations of similarities and differences. Presenting this content in the form of a game enhances learning by contextualizing and actively engaging students with the reproduction of birds and polar environments. This contributes to the development of psychomotor skills, teamwork, and socialization through an enjoyable activity. It's recommended to associate this activity with reading the book "As Aventuras do Grande Papu."


Flavia Sant'Anna Rios, Roberta da Cruz Piuco, Sandra Freiberger Affonso.


Variable, at least two teams


The objective of the scavenger hunt is to win the largest number of babies of two species of penguins, passing through the four seasons of the year. 

Skills worked




  • Posters indicating the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

  • canvas, mat or tatami

  • white TNT (representing snow)

  • Penguin image, red ribbons, vests or stickers to identify participants as Papua penguins
    Yellow penguin image, ribbon, vests or stickers to identify participants as Emperor penguins.

  • Box with stones or objects representing stones, such as bottle caps

  • Objects representing eggs (can be a Styrofoam ball, plastic or rubber, for example)

  • Box with pieces of various colors, including orange (can be paper, EVA or building blocks)

  • Printed images of Papua penguin cubs

  • Printed images of Emperor penguin cubs

  • Strings (optional)

  • Soccer balls, plastic or other (to represent emperor penguin eggs)

Support materials

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